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Stylish, Sustainable & Versatile

Recycled Packaging


“Establishing FINDRA as a sustainable clothing brand meant we would build a brand and business that would be actively countering fast, cheap fashion and damaging patterns of fashion consumption” – ALEX FECHAN CEO/Founder

FINDRA Sustainability & Environmental Statement

Our policy is to innovate design and create products wherever possible that are beneficial to both people and the earth.

This includes the promotion of raw material sourcing, manufacturing processes and technical design that contributes to environmental conservation. The company undertakes to consider all its functions and practices with consideration to the environmental impact.

Sustainable fashion means to create clothes, shoes,  accessories and other textiles without damaging the environment with all its components or affecting people’s lives.


A sustainable approach to designing, sourcing, manufacturing, buying and using clothes is key to protecting the planet, as well as the lives of those involved in the creation of garments.

FINDRA’s approach to sustainability and environmental issues are based on 10-point criteria for what qualifies as ethical fashion, and addresses each of the three pillars of sustainable business model. Through these 10 points we demonstrate how we as a business and brand fulfil our commitment to sustainability and environmental issues related to the clothing sector.

1) Sustainable business model – countering fast, cheap fashion and damaging patterns of fashion consumption

At FINDRA, we design and create a CORE range of products that are not seasonal or in any way ‘fast fashion’. We do not create collections that have short life cycles or products that go out of fashion, which encourages a disposable throwaway approach to clothes.

Instead, we concentrate on creating stylish designs made from natural or recycled raw materials. Products that are designed to last and out-live any ‘fashion craze' or trend. Products that are useful all year round have longevity and functional design details.

2) Defending fair wages, working conditions and workers’ rights

3) Supporting sustainable livelihoods

Sixty percent of our products are made in the UK. When sourcing a supplier or manufacturer, we aim to work only with factories that treat their workers and staff in a humane manner. As a team, we have personally visited these factories to see for ourselves the working conditions and standards that the factories operate within.

When working with overseas suppliers we have taken the time to meet with UK representatives and, as often as possible, the management team behind the supply chain by attending international trade shows and communicating with key personnel.

4) Addressing toxic pesticide & chemical use

Utilising merino wool means that much of our raw materials are free from toxic pesticides. We aim to continue work in this area and have a better understanding of the processes involved in the production of all of our products and raw materials. Including the processes involved in colour dying and cleaning of the raw material and finished goods.

5) Using and/or developing eco-friendly fabrics and components

At FINDRA, we are committed to creating products that are beneficial to both people and the earth. Our priorities are to source natural or recycled raw materials, which form the basis of our designs. At present 80% of our collection on offer uses natural or recycled raw materials. We are presently working towards 100% of our products being made from natural or recycled raw materials by 2022.

At present we use the following raw materials:

  • Seamless Performance™ Range: 100% non-mulesed Australian Merino wool
  • Merino-Lite Range 87%: non-mulesed Australian Merino Wool and 13% Nylon
  • Stroma Technical Jacket: P4Dry, a technical performance fabric which utilises advanced eco-friendly S.Café® print yarn.

S.Café is created through the use of innovative technology which dries and mixes re-purposed coffee grounds with recycled plastic bottles to create pellets, which are then melted down to create the yarn.

S. Café makes up the next-to-skin membrane backing of the jacket improving the jackets overall functionality and performance.

  • Beanies: 100% British Lambswool. Bred and reared in the UK, Hinchcliffe Lambswool is then spun and processed by Hinchcliffe in the UK.

6) Minimising water use

One noted benefit of merino wool is the lack of smell absorbed by the fabric. The structure of natural fibres help prevent the growth of bacteria which is the source of the smell. If bacteria is present, the protein molecules naturally occurring in merino fibres (keratin) break the bacteria down. The result is that merino wool products don’t need washed as frequently as man-made fabrics.

Once washed, any fibres lost in the washing process are biodegradable, unlike synthetic fibres. So FINDRA’s merino clothing avoids the need for frequent washing, which means less resources used and less pollution washed into our oceans.

7) Recycling and addressing energy efficiency and waste

FINDRA’s Seamless Performance™ technology, a process of 3D seamless knitting, produces high-quality garments knitted entirely without seams, resulting in a one-piece garment that has not been pieced together from component parts. 3D seamless knitting is an alternative to traditional knitting techniques.

Traditional knitting requires each part being knitted separately, cut and sewn together, a process in which around 30% of materials are lost. Seamless (or whole garment) knitwear is made in one entire piece, without the need for waste such as cut-loss. In contrast, seamless knitting is an extremely efficient manufacturing process with next to zero waste.

8) Developing or promoting sustainability standards for fashion

We presently offer a free repair service to ensure longevity of our products. FINDRA will mend and repair items for our customers free of charge in order to ensure they can continue to enjoy wearing our products for an extended period of time, supporting less disposable throwaway fashion and impact on the planet.

We also provide wash care cards with all merino wool products to ensure customers understand how to care for their product and therefore extend its life cycle.

9) Resources, training and/or awareness raising initiatives

Working in partnership with The Campaign for Wool we aim to highlight the numerous benefits to consumers of buying wool products. We also provide educational material, which is on display in our shops and on our website. We also share our knowledge with our customers on the benefits of choosing merino wool and why it benefits them and the planet across all our social media platforms.

Our weekly inspirational emails highlight environmental and sustainable news stories and emphasise our values and ethos around the importance of being more environmentally aware and sustainable when making choices in our day-to-day lives.

10. Animal rights

Non-mulesed documentation and ethical code of conduct and practices show certification that FINDRA work with ethical supply chains that ensure the highest standards of animal welfare are demonstrated in the farming and breeding of all animals.


Although not yet in place, we are discussing ways in which we can reuse or recycle damaged samples or stock. We have considered making smaller one-off items with left over fabrics and will look at how we can achieve this in 2020. Stay tuned!


At FINDRA, we want you to enjoy your FINDRA product over and over again so offer a repair service (for a small charge) on our Merino tops and accessories.

Visit the Repairs Order Form page to find out how to request a repair.