10 ways to get fit without really trying

10 ways to get fit without really trying

1/. A healthy commute

Do you ever just sit and feel stagnant? Drive to work, sit at your desk then drive home again?
Commuting on a bike or by foot can make you feel a million times better and more productive at work. Just as importantly, it can get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. A recent study by Glasgow university showed that a short active commute can reduce your chances of cancer and heart disease. So if it’s feasible, consider leaving your car a little away from your work and making your way in on foot or by bike, even if its just a quick 10 min stroll.

2/. Electric Bikes

A little exercise is better than none. Electric bikes are the new city phenomenon and are a revolution for commuters everywhere. An e-bike makes it easier to get to your destination, you’ll arrive less sweaty than you would if you were cycling a regular bike, less stressed than you would on public transport and having done more exercised than you would if you were driving. The bikes all feature ‘pedal assist’ so you still need to turn those pedals, and the motor just gives you a boost. It will take a bit of an initial investment but bear in mind how much you’ll save on fuel over the years. Prices start from around £600

3/.Getting your ME time

Grab your opportunities. It is so hard to find time to exercise, we all know that. Spending elusive hours with partners and kids seems more important than looking after yourself and getting out. Take your opportunities when you can, drop the kids off at gymnastics and go for a run while someone else is paid to watch them, or while your partner is distracted with whatever hobby or task they’re doing, head out for some head clearing me-time. You’ll feel better, we promise!

4/. Socialise

Exercise time is social time too! We’re all guilty of catching up with friends and having a glass or two of something naughty, it might be a wine, it might be a mocha with extra caramel syrup, marshmallows and a chocolate brownie on the side. That is ok, life is for living, but could you fit in a walk together before you hit the good stuff? Or cycle to a new cafe? Cycling is a great way to make new friends too, it’s easy to chat as you’re rolling along and with every new view there is another conversation to start.

5/. 10 Minutes

There is always time. Youtube is chock-a-block of exercise videos that can be as long or as short, as hard or as easy as you want. And they’re free! If you have 10 minutes before dinner try a 10 minute abdominal exercise video, up early to let the cat out? Try a 20 minute HIIT workout before tucking into breakfast.

6/. Technology

Use technology, it’s all around you and there is almost no escaping it. Phones, GPS’s, computers, smart watches, it’s all there to motivate you to do a little extra. Even when you know it’s for your own good it can be hard so listen to your devices. Join Strava to set yourself challenges and compare your workouts with others, but also, and most importantly, compare for yourself to see how you’re getting fitter over time.

7/. Family Bonding

The family that exercises together, stays together. Wow, could that be more contrite? Well, no, but it’s probably true. Studies have shown that children who see their parents exercising are more likely to live an active healthy lifestyle themselves. Finding the time to exercise might feel a little selfish but it’s not, you’re setting a good example and, if you can do your exercise with your loved ones it’ll be more fun for everyone. You could do a fun run together, go for a bike ride or book a tennis court for an hour and knock some balls back and forwards. It doesn’t need to cost any money at all, just make sure everyone is having a good time.

8/. DOGS!

Get a dog. Well that’s easier said than done right but, you’ll have a friend who could do with a hand every now and again. Trust us, as dog owners ourselves as well as having a job and a family, we could do with a hand every now and again. Walking a dog gets you out in the fresh air, gets your pulse up and gets you out adventuring. It might be a mini adventure around the local park or you might find new tracks and trails out in the wilds but if you’re open to adventure it will find you!

9/. Lunch Times

Get a posse of pals out for a lunchtime activity.
You aren’t alone, other people at your workplace will be feeling the need to get moving too. It’s a cliché but true, you’ll feel better when it’s done. At the very least get out and walk at lunchtime or if you have a full hour, you can ride your bike, go to a nearby gym or, if you’re really keen, get a group together and do a Youtube exercise video a couple of times a week.

10/. Let your FINDRA keep you ready for action.

FINDRA merino layers are ready for anything whether it’s riding to the office or sitting through a meeting with the confidence you don’t smell of sweat. The Marin cowl neck jersey is timeless and stylish as well as being high performance. Any little bit of exercise is a bonus so enjoy your time and get adventuring.

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