6 years old – A birthday message from Alex

6 years old – A birthday message from Alex

Alex reflects on 6 years of FINDRA, including the highs, lows and the challenges we all face today and in the future.


In December 2014 I started out on a big adventure, my mission was to banish the ‘shrink it and pink it’ approach to women’s outdoor clothing, and my inspiration, the amazing women I headed out to the hills with on my bike at the weekends.


6 years on I am extremely proud of what myself and my small team have achieved in building FINDRA from the ground up designing stylish, sustainable and versatile outdoor clothing for women and men!


Alex Feechan – FINDRA Founder and CEO


It has been quite an adventure there has been many highs and lows during that time. Many hurdles and many challenges, but we have stayed focused on our goal to design great products, products that are innovative, well designed and sustainable. Products that you can wear just as easily on the hillside and to the café or the pub! Products that work with you, and for you, products that make you feel good.


When you get to turn a dream and a passion into a reality is a pretty incredible feeling, but reaching our 6th birthday is not just about the fact that we are passionate about designing great clothing or getting outdoors, reaching our 6th birthday is all about you, our customers our supporters and our advocates!


2020 has for all of us been an extremely challenging year, with fears over our health, our families and loved ones, our jobs, our homes and over all wellbeing dominating our lives.


So this year more than ever I am so grateful and thankful to all of you, our lovely friends of FINDRA for showing us so much kindness and support for your custom and belief in us as a business and brand and for your ongoing encouragement and positivity around what we do.


So a massive thanks to you all because without you FINDRA would be but a dream!


Alex & Team FINDRA x
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