Bike Rumor: Best Bike Picks FINDRA Oronsay

Bike Rumor: Best Bike Picks FINDRA Oronsay

By Jessie-May Morgan for Bike Rumor.


The temperature dropped many months ago in Scotland, and winter is well under way. Having a decent base layer on while out riding is more important than ever in these freezing temperatures. My go to base layer this season is the FINDRA Merino Wool range. I’ve very sensitive skin and find even Icebreaker 100% merino wool too itchy. FINDRA Merino is a blend of 87% super soft Australian merino and 13% nylon, and doesn’t itch at all. The temperature regulation properties are excellent. I have the Oronsay Merino Lite 3/4 sleeve jersey, the Isla Merino Lite Vest, and the Iona Merino Lite Zip Neck Top. All have a flattering cut and look decent in the pub, as well as on the bike.

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