Customer of the Month: Alistair Bielby

Customer of the Month: Alistair Bielby

Since releasing our 'Designed by Demand' menswear range in 2018, we've thoroughly enjoyed seeing men benefiting from FINDRA designs and innovations. So for March's Customer of the Month, we caught up with FINDRA customer, Alistair Bielby.

Customer Alastair Bielby

Hey Alistair! Tell us a little bit about your favourites ways to get outside.

I don’t really need much of an excuse to get outside and so long as the weather isn’t too bad I’ll get out on the bike (I avoid the road on frost days after a couple of bad experiences with black ice). In any weather, I’m out walking the two dogs and also feeding and mucking out the pet pig (all rescues).


How long has cycling been a part of your life?

More or less as long as I can remember the bicycle has been part of life for me. I remember riding in the seat on the back of my Dad’s bike for trips into the countryside before I had mastered two-wheels myself. I also remember the day my stabilisers came of and the feeling of freedom at being able to get from a to b quickly and under my own steam has been a pleasure ever since.


Do you find motivation difficult to get outside?

I admit that when the rain is belting down and the east wind is sending it horizontally at you I do enjoy the benefit of being behind four walls at least some of the time, but even in the worst weather the dogs still need walking and the rescue pig needs feeding and cleaning out, so I do get out in all weathers. Bad weather just makes the warm cup of tea afterwards all the more enjoyable!


Is there anyone who inspired your love of the outdoors?

My Mum and in particular my Dad really made the outdoors a part of life from a young age. Taking me and my brother on trips to the coast to go rock pooling or out and about around my grandparents hone in the Yorkshire Dales. These trips inspired the love of nature and the outdoors that is with me to this day.


Do you find that being outside has a positive impact on your wellbeing and mental health?

I would guess so and I do find it makes me feel better to get out and I certainly get a boost from the exercise-induced endorphins.


When did you discover FINDRA and what's your favourite piece?

I discovered FINDRA by proxy - my better half had been using FINDRA kit for a while and to be honest I’d been a bit jealous that no men’s gear was available. When it did become available, I was lucky enough to receive a Lewis top as a gift and I’ve bought other items since then. The Lewis still remains my favourite as the zip neck allows venting and makes it really versatile for changeable weather and variable activity levels.


Thanks so much, Alistair! Gives those dogs a pat from all of us at FINDRA!

Customer Alastair Bielby
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