Customer of the month: Mandy Abbott

Customer of the month: Mandy Abbott

Our Customer of the Month feature is back again for December with Mandy Abbott.


Meet Mandy, mum to two active teenagers. She juggles several jobs, reflexology, being an outdoor educator at primary school, and a gardener whilst studying herbology at the Edinburgh botanical gardens. She's blessed to live by the sea and have two dogs to explore with.

Hey Mandy! Great to meet you! Tell us, has being active and outdoors always been an important part of your life?

Since learning to walk as a child I’ve always preferred to be outdoors regardless of the weather. I actually love walking in the rain as much as sunny days!

Do you find that being outside has a positive impact on your wellbeing and mental health?

Nature is my church and mentor, regardless of how I’m feeling I always feel better after only a short while of being outside. My favourite time of the day is my daily yoga, outside by the sea, as the sunrise unfolds. It sets me up for a good day and reminds me how lucky I am.

Have you found being adventurous has been beneficial in other ways?

I met my best friend 26 years ago in a youth hostel in Vancouver. She spotted I had a tent and asked if I wanted to walk the west coast trail on Vancouver Island together and I said yes! We’ve kept in touch ever since, by old-fashioned letter initially before the days of the internet.  I flew out to see her 4yrs ago we picked up right as if we’d never been apart. 

Mandy Abbott dog sledding

What exciting things do you have coming up?

This year I’m planning more winter walking in Scotland. I’m also hoping to go ice climbing and ski mountaineering in the Dolomites.

When did you first discover FINDRA and what's your favourite piece?

I only came across FINDRA earlier this year and immediately loved it.  My favourite piece is my Marin merino cowl as I wear it all the time for both active and leisure activities. It's just the right balance of cosy warm without being too hot but still looking stylish. I've barely had a day without wearing it since I bought it!

Do you have any places you'd like to tick off of your bucket list?

Ooh too many, I’ve been so lucky so far in my life but anywhere with mountains thrill me, whether I’m ice climbing or hiking or skiing.  I’m equally at home in the mountains of Scotland as in the Dolomites but would like to complete the Cuillin Ridge and walk the Tour du Mont Blanc.

Mandy in her Marin cowl neck

Thank you so much to Mandy for sharing a little bit of her life with us. We wish her all the luck in the world to tick those achievements off her bucket list! You can follow Mandy on Instagram here.
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