Friend of FINDRA: Rebecca Davis-Cooke

Friend of FINDRA: Rebecca Davis-Cooke

Hey, can you tell everybody where you are based and what you do?

Hello, I’m Rebecca and I’m based in the Surrey Hills. I’m an avid mountain biker and you can also find me hiking, paddleboarding, travelling and listening to music.

How long has the outdoors been a part of your life?

I was very fortunate to grow up on the Devon coast and hiking around the Devon countryside. This instilled in me a love for the outdoors from a young age which I have thrived on in my adult years. Since moving to the Surrey Hills a few years ago I have become obsessed with mountain biking and exploring the area on 2 wheels.

What’s been your favourite trip or adventure?

It’s hard to have a favourite but I recently took part in the SUPBIKERUN triathlon in Dorset (my first event ever) and I had an absolute blast, despite being anxious about entering it. I realised I was spending the weekend doing activities I love, in beautiful outdoor surroundings which made it a really fun adventure.

I am also a big fan of the Swiss Alps and took my bike there this summer which was a challenge (given it’s not electric)! However, the views and scenery were stunning and I felt a great sense of calm when cycling and hiking around the mountains and lakes.

How do you make find a balance between being active and life’s other responsibilities i.e. work and family?

I have always stressed to myself how important it is to have a good work life balance in order to find time to do the hobbies you love. This in turn is beneficial to my other responsibilities - it means I can tackle work feeling calm and recharged.

Is there anyone who inspired your love of the outdoors?

It all stems from my parents taking me hiking and cycling when I was younger and exploring the outdoors and luckily this continued with me and I love it even more now.

Do you find that being outside has a positive impact on your wellbeing and mental health?

Being outside in nature has a massive impact on my wellbeing. I practise mindfulness and being present in the moment generally, but especially when I am on my bike or hiking as I am having fun and taking in the beautiful surroundings. Being on the bike tackling trail features and exploring new areas keeps the mind focused on the present and enables you to switch off from what’s happening in the world. I always come back from a bike ride feeling uplifted, positive and much less anxious even if it was a challenging ride.

What is it about mountain biking that you love?

I love mountain biking as I can explore more of the outdoors than on foot and I enjoy challenging myself on technical terrain and also physically. It enables you to appreciate nature and other ways to enjoy it. I also like pushing the boundaries of stereotypes showing that women are also capable of being strong mountain bikers and are equally as worthy to be on the trails.

When did you discover FINDRA?

I discovered FINDRA when my husband bought me a merino wool hairband for our 7th wedding anniversary and have fallen in love with the brand ever since!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Live in the moment!

On writing this blog, what do you feel is the key motivational or inspirational message you would like to highlight to our followers that would inspire them to get outdoors more?

Find something you love doing and push your boundaries to do it and you will be rewarded.

Favourite Place?

I absolutely love the Jungfrau region in the Swiss Alps. The scenery is stunning and there are so many options for adventures there. They have amazing hiking and biking routes and I would love to continue exploring these. They also have beautiful alpine lakes for a refreshing dip.

Favourite Quote?

I think we can all learn a lot from Winnie the Pooh! My favourite quote being...

Favourite Song?

Battle Beast "Straight To The Heart"

I have so many special songs as I love listening to music (especially heavy metal). But when I was climbing 11km up a Swiss mountain I started playing ‘Straight to the Heart’ by Battle Beast, as they have one of the strongest frontwomen in metal music and this band motivated me to keep pushing myself!

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