FINDRA's Weekly Inspiration: The Power of One

FINDRA's Weekly Inspiration: The Power of One

Here at FINDRA, we’re always looking to bring you snippets of motivation to get you inspired for your own everyday adventures. In a single year, the Friday Strikes for Climate have gone from 1 person to over 4 million people. Greta Thunberg has started a global movement and brought the awareness of climate change into the public domain. If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito... anyone is capable of making change happen.


Quote of the Week


The Power of One

Greta Thunberg sat outside the Swedish Parliament in her School Strike for Climate protest for the first time on August 20 2018. In a single year, the Friday protests have gone from one person to millions of people across the world. The strikes and marches on 20th September 2019 were estimated at totalling 4 million people.

In these last 13 months, the climate strikes have grown and Greta has spoken at high profile conferences from the French Parliament to the UN Climate Summit, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and appeared on the front of Time Magazine as one of the World's Most Influential People.

She's done more in a year to bring awareness and movement related to climate change than has been done in decades ; a single 16 year old has begun a global movement.

But remember, she doesn't want you to listen to her, "I want you to listen to the scientists ... And then I want you to take real action."


John Muir the Environmental Activist

Climate change awareness is not new, but it has taken centre stage in the world's consciousness. Scotland's own John Muir was one of the worlds first environmental activists, urging the federal American government to adopt conservation policies which resulted in the National Parks we know today.

In 1892, he founded the Sierra Club which was one of the first large-scale environmental preservation organizations in the world and still lobbies the government to promote environmental policies.

John's life after leaving the University of Wisconsin was very much guided by his feet. He studied botany, and after recovering from temporary blindness he walked from Indiana to Florida, embracing his adoration of the natural world.

It's incredible that the world John Muir was trying to preserve is still struggling to survive. As above, trees cannot be saved from fools but it's this very problem we are trying to combat even in 2019.

It's essential to enjoy Nature, so if it disappears and becomes destroyed, what then?











Music of the Week

We’re building a FINDRA Community Playlist over on Spotify, bringing you music of a rather eclectic variety! From classic dance tunes to lesser-known indie songs, we hope there’s something new in there for you. If you’ve got a favourite you’d like to hear in the playlist, drop us a tweet!

Another Scottish powerhouse, Biffy Clyro express how integral the world is to us as humans in this ear worm, Mountains.

Whatever you’re up to this week, friends, remember to find your everyday adventure.

Love, Team FINDRA x

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