FINDRA's Weekly Inspiration: A Good Laugh and a Long Run

FINDRA's Weekly Inspiration: A Good Laugh and a Long Run

Here at FINDRA, we're always looking to bring you snippets of motivation to get you inspired for your own everyday adventures. So what's caught our eyes and ears this week?

Quote of the Week

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Book of the Week

Running Like A Girl cover

Wherever you are with your running, even if you haven't started yet, this book by Alexandra Heminsley will have you giggling away and itching it get your trainers on. Her experiences of attempting her first ever jog will resonate with plenty of people - and remind you that finding it difficult is totally normal! In part a 'how to' guide and the rest a funny, emotive journey, you'll easily read this book in one sitting with enough time to get out on your first run before dinner.

If you're looking for a motivational personal memoir, then get your hands on Running like a Girl by Alexandra Heminsley.

Good News Story of the Week

A team of guide dogs and a blind runner have made history by becoming the first blind person to run a half marathon with guide dogs.

Blind runner with dog

Thomas Panek ran with a rotating team of three guide dogs to cover the 13.1 miles of the New York City half marathon. Humans guiding blind runners through marathons is a well-established practice, but this is the first time canine athletes have made an appearance at a half marathon. Thomas Panek set up the programme, "Running Guides", back in 2015 which aims to match dogs with runners. Gus, Waffle and Westley were top of the pack when it came to run with Panek and they trained for months to be ready.

A similar story made the news in 2011, with a high school student competing in cross-country races with her guide dog. With canicross becoming even more popular with sighted runners, we love this story of the deep bond between humans and their dogs. When you find the right team, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals!


Music of the Week

We’re building a FINDRA Community Playlist over on Spotify, bringing you music of a rather eclectic variety! From classic dance tunes to lesser-known indie songs, we hope there’s something new in there for you. If you’ve got a favourite you’d like to hear in the playlist, drop us a tweet!

Sometimes you need a strong song to get those legs moving! Team FINDRA's Susan tells us this is the first song on her running playlist!

Whatever you're up to this week, friends, remember to find your everyday adventure.

Love, Team FINDRA x

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