Inspirational Outdoor Communities to Follow

Inspirational Outdoor Communities to Follow

Through the FINDRA community, we have had the privilege of connecting with numerous amazing individuals who lead fantastic organisations that creatively support the outdoor community. We've gathered some of our top picks to share with you. We invite you to learn more about these remarkable teams dedicated to the well-being of people and the outdoor places that enrich their lives.

Every Body Outdoors

Every Body Outdoors is dedicated to advocating for the inclusion of plus-sized individuals in the outdoor community. The team is committed to ensuring that all body types are represented in the availability of clothing and gear for outdoor activities.

Here is a statement from the organisation:
"There are many plus-sized individuals who are passionate about hiking, cycling, climbing, paddle boarding, swimming, and more. However, it can be extremely challenging due to the lack of appropriate clothing available in larger sizes. Most outdoor clothing only goes up to a size 16, with a few brands offering sizes 18 and 20, but very limited options in size 22 and above. It becomes tough to fully engage in outdoor pursuits when you cannot access the necessary clothing to stay warm, dry, and safe during activities."

In addition to these practical obstacles, plus-sized individuals are underrepresented in media, social platforms, and brand imagery. When you do not see yourself reflected in these spaces, it can be difficult to feel a sense of belonging.

Our interaction with the Every Body Outdoors team has inspired us to strive for inclusivity in representing all women in our clothing lines and marketing efforts. While we acknowledge there is progress to be made, organisations like Every Body Outdoors guide us on the path toward inclusivity.


Trash Free Trails

The Trash Free Trails initiative aims to make a positive impact every time we engage in outdoor activities by collecting single-use pollution from the environment. They advocate for the idea that the landscapes we explore for mental and physical well-being should also benefit from our care. Trash Free Trails encourages individuals to contribute to environmental preservation while enjoying nature's rewards.

According to Trash Free Trails, the overwhelming scale of environmental challenges often leads to feelings of helplessness and indifference, even among those who are environmentally conscious. To address this, they focus on breaking down actions into achievable steps like Trail Cleans, serving as gateways to increased environmental awareness and impactful adventures. By connecting people globally through simple acts like cleaning trails, they aim to create a collective positive influence on the environment.

Their mission revolves around reconnecting people with the places they cherish by collecting litter, emphasising the essence of Clean Trails. This straightforward approach allows anyone to participate and make a meaningful impact while engaging in activities they love. By joining a trail and utilising their user-friendly app, individuals can contribute to a broader strategy aimed at preserving our natural world.


Girls on Hills

Girls on Hills actively promotes equity, inclusivity, and diversity in the mountains of the UK by empowering women with the skills and confidence needed to be self-reliant in mountain environments.

As the UK's sole guided trail, fell, and skyrunning company catered exclusively to women, Girls on Hills aims to help women transition from road running to mountain running. They offer navigation, mountain safety, and hillwalking courses suitable for all experience levels.

Co Founder, Keri Wallace talks about the power of trail running.

“Having everything on your back that you need and being out there away from all the clutter and trappings of life.  Being self-sufficient and independent gives me a powerful feeling, and I enjoy that freedom.” 

For insightful tips and ideas, visit their blog. If you're ready to elevate your running experience, Girls on Hills is the team to turn to.


Mind over Mountains

Mind over Mountains is a charitable organisation that offers professional therapeutic assistance through outdoor activities. They organise events primarily in the Lake District or Peak District, and have funding available for vulnerable individuals.

With the increasing mental health challenges, seeking help can be difficult. Mind Over Mountains believes that combining outdoor time with professional guidance is a potent method to enhance resilience and physical well-being. Their outdoor sessions serve as a platform for open conversations, inner peace, and tranquillity.

Additionally, they aim to establish a supportive online community where individuals feel accepted and can freely express themselves. The Mind Over Mountains approach is truly inspiring, and we encourage you to learn more, reach out for mental health support, and contribute if possible.

Sunday Inspiration 

Podcast - Unlocking Us by Brené Brown

Brené Brown, a renowned professor and author, is recognised for her research on shame, vulnerability, and leadership. If you haven't discovered her yet, we suggest beginning with her TedX talk. Through her podcast series, she engages with remarkable individuals, delving into their deepest reflections. It's truly enlightening and definitely worth tuning into.

Listen here on Spotify

Book - How we Swim by Bonnie Tsui

"Why We Swim” is an exploration of a common activity. Even with the risks associated with swimming, particularly in open waters, what captivates us about this sport? This well-crafted piece offers a profound look into behaviour, culture, and the human psyche.

Find out more at Penguin Books 

Song - Burn It Down by Daughter

Viewing the latest trailer for Martin Freeman and Jenna Ortega's provocative new movie, "Miller's Girl," brought to mind this amazing song by Daughter! It's edgy, almost on the verge of being psychotic, yet also quite beautiful.

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