Lee Craigie - Q&A with Alex Feechan

Lee Craigie - Q&A with Alex Feechan

Lee Craigie is one of Scotland’s great bike racers, yet she has accomplished much more since retiring. In Other Ways to Win she tells her story of growing up near Glasgow and discovering the freedom of cycling – skipping French lessons and heading off into the Campsie Fells to see just how far she could ride.

These teenage adventures established cycling as the thread which would run through her life – not only through her racing life and into a new life of two-wheeled adventure, but also through the positive impact she would have on the lives of others, particularly encouraging other women through her work with the Adventure Syndicate. Written with breath-taking honesty, she recounts epic adventures along the Tour Divide, Silk Road and the Highland Trail 550, and examines themes of friendship, loss, identity and the power of the outdoors – and, of course, cycling.

We are delighted to welcome Lee to FINDRA Innerleithen for a Q&A with Alex Feechan on her life on two wheels. 


Thank you to everyone who attended Lee's Q&A.  Here are some images from what was a brilliant afternoon. 



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