Singletrack reviewed: Marin Cowl Neck Stripe

Singletrack reviewed: Marin Cowl Neck Stripe

Reviewed by: Singletrack Magazine

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At first glance, this is far too nice and far too pretty, to get covered in mud. Nonetheless, this is what I did, albeit weeping inside, and was pleasantly surprised by how resilient it turned out to be.

The fabric is one of the lightest on test, yet it’s by far the warmest; I dispensed with a base layer most of the time we were wearing it and enjoyed the super-soft feel of the Italian merino next to skin. Thanks to the relatively thin, open weave, it wicks well and dries rapidly, and the deep cowl neck adds an extra snuggle factor I really appreciated, without it being too claustrophobic.

There’s plenty of length in the body and more importantly the arms, all too often thumb loops are a thoughtless add-on, but in this case, there's actually enough fabric to cover my arms and hands without being restrictive. Sizing is on the slim slide – a shame as we think there'll be a significant market for this jersey in larger sizes.

FINDRA’s kit is made in Scotland, which goes some way towards justifying the price tag of this jersey – yes it's hefty but we'd have no qualms whatsoever in wearing it off the bike as well as on. It's turned out to be plenty tough enough to take heavy, multipurpose use, so we feel it's more than worth it.

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