Meet the Sheep

Meet the Sheep

We know the soft feel, we know the stretch and the fit, but what actually is Merino? Well, ok, it’s wool and wool comes from sheep, we’re ok up until then, but how did it become the go-to wool for high performing sportswear?

The history of the Merino sheep can be traced back to Spain and possibly before that to Syria where it was used to barter because of its valuable coat. So valuable was the merino fleece that the King of Spain gifted specimens to kings across Europe, including our very own George III. It’s as close as you can get to a real-life Golden fleece, a symbol of authority and kingship.

Merino Wool Shhep

Around 1797 they were introduced to Australia where, already used to semi-arid climates and nomadic pasturing, the merino sheep found a new home to thrive. The merino sheep is a hardy soul and, after it’s introduction to New Zealand in 1814, it was discovered that the high mountains and rolling pastures of this new country were much to its taste. It settled in and started breeding – reaching a staggering 14million individuals in the 1980s.

FINDRA merino comes from these New Zealand sheep and we’re proud that it’s some of the best wool in the world. The sheep have been breed to produce the most luxurious wool in the world and the industry supports thousands of workers across Australasia and the world. From the farmers to the workers, the wool classers and the spinners, weavers and knitters, this team come together to offer us the fine and elastic threads of this superior wool.

Merino Wool Close Up

The magic of the wool comes from the fibres, it’s finer than other wools allowing the fibres to bend more, this makes the wool feel softer against the skin. The higher elasticity also allows it to return to shape quicker. Its world-famous ability to not smell is due to its ability to absorb large quantities of moisture and allow it to evaporate, setting the sweat free and leaving you smell free.

All in all, Merino is the perfect fibre for finding your adventure. From New Zealand to Scotland, people all around the world are getting out adventuring and looking good when they do it.

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