By Megan Hughes for Love the Mountains
Award Winning Outdoor adventure clothing brand FINDRA has announced the launch of its debut menswear capsule collection, on sale from May 2018.

Beloved by discerning outdoor enthusiasts across the country, FINDRA was launched in December 2014 as an activewear/lifestyle brand for women, with pieces specifically designed to fit and flatter the female form. Made from New Zealand merino wool and designed in Scotland, the collection was created to encourage wearers to look good, feel good and perform to the best of their ability. And clearly the message carried, as FINDRA found themselves bombarded with messages and requests from the male relatives and friends of the original FINDRA female customer base, requesting items for men too.

The result, ‘Design by Demand’, is a capsule menswear collection comprising the essentials that any outdoor enthusiast needs, made to the same level of quality and design that FINDRA is so well-known. FINDRA expertly marries practicality and style, to offer performance-driven, durable clothing that looks as great in the mountain as it does out and about on the weekends.

In a range of colours and fits, specifically designed for male wearers, each piece has been crafted to ensure both comfort and style. Expect tops, jerseys and shorts, alongside the existing unisex range of hats and neck warmers, in a sophisticated colour palette designed to complement.

Perfect for a huge variety of outdoor adventures, from climbing to cycling, running to hillwalking, FINDRA clothing supports and boosts the wearer’s confidence, helping them to achieve their full potential, whatever their activity. Combining high-level design with purpose-built fabrics and innovative seamless knitting technology, FINDRA garments are hard-working and durable, making them ideal whether you’re off-duty and out and about, or trying to conquer your next challenge.

FINDRA uses ethically-sourced merino wool, which offers incredible breathability, absorption and wicking properties, as well as temperature control benefits and the power to evaporate moisture vapour, preventing clamminess and reducing the need for frequent washing. FINDRA’s pioneering Seamless Performance™ technology also means that each garment is created in one piece, meaning no seams and no chafing; an innovative approach to the manufacture of outdoor garments.
Alex Feechan, founder of FINDRA, explains “It was a surprise to receive so many requests for menswear after the launch of our womenswear range. FINDRA had always been designed with the needs of women in mind, so we were intrigued to hear that many men felt that the same problems with the wider sportswear offering applied to menswear too, with shapeless, unstylish garments available that could only be worn whilst exercising.

She continues, “Just like women, men don’t always want statement branding, they want classic looks and styles that says something about who they are. Our menswear range has been designed with the same principles that FINDRA has always adhered to; great fit, comfort, durability and attention to detail, in designs that are stylish and versatile, with pieces specifically requested by our new male customers.

We want our customers to feel as comfortable in FINDRA having coffee with their friends at the weekend, as they do when they’re running or riding their bikes. FINDRA is about getting outside, enjoying life and feeling your best, and we are delighted to be encouraging a whole new customer base to do just that with our clothing.”
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