Singletrack Reviewed: FINDRA Caddon cowl neck

Singletrack Reviewed: FINDRA Caddon cowl neck

By Amanda for Singletrack, 02 December 2019


2019 was the year I learned the art of layering, having spent several years struggling with temperature regulation on rides. Perfecting the layers has been trial and error, but one item that always seems to  be a welcome addition is this merino top from FINDRA.

The sleeves are long enough to cover most of my hands, even though I have quite long arms. there's a thumb hole to make this more comfortable and also so you can put your gloves on over them. Despite having worn this daily for the past few months, there is no sign of wear around the hole.

The cowl neck is really long with a drawstring, so in general it's just gathered up keeping you warm but if you want to pull it up over your nose on an icy cold descent you can - it's like a built0in buff.

The seamless cut is long in the body with a dropped back hem, and the merino material just never smells. I have sweated in this. I have worn it as a base layer. I have worn it next to a bonfire, and I have shamefully gone weeks without washing it – at worst it has only smelt dusty.

Some things you only start to appreciate when you've put a lot of time in with a product. Mine could still pass as new, there's no fading or bobbling. It dries so quickly after washing, or being worn in the rain, that I don't feel like I need a backup option and I doubt I would choose any similar item over this because it's just perfect for what I use it for – which is everything.

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