Cycling UK – FINDRA Nordic Socks Review

Cycling UK – FINDRA Nordic Socks Review

Reviewed by: Cycling UK, December 2020

Products Reviewed:

Made in the UK from top grade Australian merino wool and low pilling acrylic (50:50 mix), these socks definitely fit my definition of hygge (Norwegian and Danish for cozy). It’s not just the thick warm woollen welcome they give to my feet, but also the Fair Isle pattern that puts me in the mind of log cabins in the snow and roaring log fires.

Ideal for long country walks in the frost, or as I found out recently also for sub-zero night rides where my bike picked up a thin layer of ice and my water froze. While these Nordic socks would struggle with the extremes of an arctic circle winter, they should easily allow you to head out into a British winter with confidence that you’ll not suffer from frozen toes.

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