TotalMTB Reviewed: Arran merino-lite enduro top

TotalMTB Reviewed: Arran merino-lite enduro top

Reviewed by: TotalMTB, 28 February 2019.

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MTB jerseys nowadays are very loud with a busy design however FINDRA seem to have taken a different approach on the stereotypical MTB jersey while still making very effective on the trails . . .

FINDRA have opted for just a simple two tone colour scheme with the main colour everywhere apart from the ventilation on the sides under the arm pit area.
I personally think it looks a very cool top with and their logo isn’t even actually printed on the top.

I do like the “proper” MTB jerseys that you see on downhill trials and bike parks but FINDRA aren’t wanting to compete with those (they call it a top and not a jersey firstly), but I feel they are targeting people who just like to go on a nice steady bike ride either on their own or with friends and family.
If you haven’t already noticed from my reviews is that I like clothing that you can wear at any point and not look out of place, on a bike ride, cafe, shop or out for dinner, it ticks all boxes.

But saying you can go anywhere in the top you may think it wouldn’t be able to cope with the bike ride itself but you would be wrong as the top is a “lightweight technical merino blend fabric” which is light, comfy and keeps you cool.
It has fine mesh down the side to help with ventilation and breathability and has fast wicking so no matter what the weather or occasion the top with definitely be able to cope with it.

The back is also longer in length to keep all areas covered when riding on your bike.

And just when you thought they hadn’t thought of anything for safety you realise the FINDRA circles on the back are reflective!!

Like a say a bit different from the “normal” MTB jerseys but I like it.

Please take a closer look the Arran Merino-Lite Enduro Long Sleeve Top here.

Review written by: Ryan O – TotalMTB Founder
Instagram: @RazOldfield
Twitter: @RazOldfield

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