Walking Magazine: FINDRA Stroma Jacket Review

Walking Magazine: FINDRA Stroma Jacket Review

Combining innovative materials with FINDRA design, our Stroma Technical Outdoor Jackets are made with S.Cafe® fabric, an eco-friendly print yarn with a 10,000mm waterproof backing created using repurposed coffee grounds and recycled plastic bottles.

Overall: Lightweight, waterproof, breathable jackets to keep you dry and warm on the wildest of days. They’re easy to pack too, so you never get caught out.

The Review:

"While other brands out there are trying to perfect the superlight, throw-on waterproof, Findra are quietly nailing it. This isn’t a jacket designed for days on the high fells – the pockets sit under a hip belt, none fit an OS map and the hood is quite simple – but it’s great for everything else. I wore it for cycle rides, morning runs and half-day walks in the Peaks. It’s made from an incredibly soft and stretchy fabric, so fine that when you hold it up to the sun, light passes through. I’ll admit that I felt some doubt when first unpacking, but water beads straight off it and it rebuffs the wind well. The backing (the inner material that sits next to your body), is made of an unusual combo of coffee grounds and plastic bottles. This, they say, gives it UVA/B protection and improves odour resistance and I can confirm that I have not yet been either sunburnt or smelly while wearing it. It felt a little sticky after particularly strenuous uphill efforts but that soon dissipated. The fit too is relaxed and comfortable, loose enough at the hip, fitted enough at the shoulder. For comfort and versatility the Stroma gets top marks."

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