What are the benefits of Merino wool?

What are the benefits of Merino wool?

Merino wool is an all-natural fibre with some big benefits, you can wear this wonderful fibre all year round in extreme conditions, making it perfect for the outdoors, summer or winter. We love it for a whole host of reasons:

It’s soft and gentle

The ultrafine fibres mean it’s a dream to wear and feels great against your skin

It’s breathable

Nice and natural, Merino breathes and absorbs moisture better than any other fibre

It regulates temperature

A high wicking factor means it keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cool.

It’s odour-resistant

Unlike synthetic fabrics, Merino doesn’t pick up the smell of perspiration

It’s recyclable

Made from all natural materials, Merino wool can be recycled at the end of its life

It has a great weight to warmth ratio

The tightly packed, fine fibres mean even lightweight Merino offers great warmth

It’s easy to look after

Merino wool can be refreshed by hanging outside or washed on a cool setting

It’s a renewable resource

Created by the spinning of wool from Merino sheep, it’s a sustainable option

Soft and sustainable Merino wool.

As well as being super soft and perfectly suited to a whole variety of landscapes and activities, Merino wool is a more sustainable choice than many other fabrics. Merino is recyclable and doesn’t shed microplastics when washed, like some synthetic alternatives. Its odour resistant characteristics also mean it needs to be washed less often than other fabrics, reducing its everyday impact on the environment. It’s important to team FINDRA to use ethically sourced materials, and we advocate slow fashion, that’s why we choose wool as a key raw material for our clothing.

Benefits of Merino wool for sports and outdoors.

Merino wool is well suited to activewear and outdoor apparel. There are some big benefits to wearing a Merino base layer when working out or setting off on an adventure, thanks to its lightweight and breathable comfort. It will help regulate your temperature and stop you from feeling clammy after exercise. Fine Merino garments can also be folded up small, perfect for travelling or packing in your gym bag. Discover our Merino clothing for women and men.