Jo Moseley

Jo Moseley FINDRA Brand Ambassador

Everyday Adventurer

Hello! I’m Jo, 53 & a working Mum happily flying solo with my sons, 21 & 18. We are lucky enough to live on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales surrounded by hills, sheep & fresh air!
Juggling commitments at work, home and looking out for my Dad, I am firmly part of the “sandwich generation”. Like many women my age, time for myself is short and precious. Tiny everyday adventures in the Dales & North Sea are a source of huge joy & wellbeing.
Having been very outdoorsy as a little girl, I was turned off exercise by school PE. However, in my 20s, I kayaked in Alaska, hiked the trails of Virginia, dived in Scotland & the Philippines and led a scientific expedition in Tanzania.
Marriage, babies, miscarriages & becoming a single parent took over and I stopped being active for almost 25 years.
Anxious and stressed when both my parents were undergoing chemotherapy, I found myself unable to sleep and sobbing in our local supermarket! I was simply overwhelmed! A friend gave me an old indoor rowing machine suggesting exercise might help.
Feeling brighter within days, I went on to row a million metres and marathon, raising over £10,000 for charity in memory of my Mum in 2014.
Since then I’ve not looked back! I’ve rediscovered my love of the sea. I love bodyboarding, paddleboarding & treading water in the waves with my fins. I also realised a lifelong dream of learning to surf this summer and for 4 glorious seconds had the thrill of riding a wave. I screamed with happiness the whole way!
I started Couch to 5k in autumn 2017 and set myself the goal to run 1000km in 2018. Combining my love of the trails with litter picking, I am an enthusiastic Plogger!
As a result of my own experience, I am passionate about sharing the huge joy and sense of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing tiny adventures in the every day can bring.