Discover FINDRA Merino Wool

Discover FINDRA Merino Wool

Our Merino wool clothing is designed to keep you comfortable – no matter what adventures you like to embark on. Sustainability, comfort and stylishness are all top of our agenda and Merino wool is a key part of meeting those objectives.

Why we chose Merino Wool.

We think of merino wool as a real wonder fibre. It has so many fantastic characteristics – you can find out more about the benefits of merino wool here – and why it’s the perfect material for us to work with. What’s more, it’s a naturally occurring resource with a long lifespan and lots of recycling options. All of our merino wool is ethically sourced from Australia and we never used mulesed wool. Mulesing is a surgical procedure used to keep animals free of blowflies. It is painful and distressing for the sheep.

Merino wool is great at keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, that’s one of its most amazing characteristics.

Why we design Merino clothing all year round.

How does this wonder fibre keep you warm? It’s thanks to a process called isosteric heat of adsorption. As the wool absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, a natural chemical reaction releases heat, warming the wearer. Merino wool also has the advantage of having crimped fibres, which can trap pockets of air and keep you insulated from the cold outside. This effect can be boosted with a good layering system.

Even better, the same process actually keeps you cool in hot weather too. Wool draws moisture away from your skin so it can evaporate, leaving you feeling cool and dry. As Merino releases moisture into the atmosphere, it draws heat away from the wearer. The insulation pockets caused by the fibres’ crimp also protect you from warm outside temperatures.

Our sustainable design approach.

At FINDRA we have two use two different approaches to the production of our Merino wool products, both processes use the best quality ethically sourced non mulesed Australian Merino Wool.

Non-Mulesed Australian Merino Wool

100% Non Mulesed Australian Merino Wool and Merino Wool Stretch fibres.We are passionate about sourcing raw materials that are traceable and ethical.

All merino used in our 3D Seamless Knit Collections is sourced from farmers in Australia. The raw material is then spun in Italy to create the highest quality fine merino yarn Since 2015 our yarn suppliers have been collaborating with the Beaufront estate located in Tasmania, well known not only for its endless pastures, whose biodiversity is promoted by verifying the quality of the land and plants so that their properties meet the highest standards, but also for the commitment to pursue animal welfare.

This is confirmed by its RWS and mulesing-free wool certifications: professional shearers ensure that all phases of wool harvesting are conducted in an ethical manner, guaranteeing a habitat for the sheep characterized by total absence of stress.

FINDRA Merino Lite Vests

Our Merino Lite Collection is made using The worsted system, which produces smoother yarns and ultimately smoother fabrics, these fabrics are then used in our merino lite collection of men’s and ladies lightweight tops, vests and underwear.

Worsted products generally have a smooth surface appearance. To produce these products, the fleece from the main body (back and sides) of a sheep is used. This portion of wool is longer in terms of its fibre length in comparison to wool known as pieces or locks, which is shorn from the under-body of the sheep and around the legs and rear, tending to have a shorter fibre length.

Immediately after shearing, the long fleece wool is separated from the shorter wool. Although blending may take place, the longer fleece wools are processed through the worsted system. It is the use of longer wools in the worsted system which enables smooth yarns and fabrics to be made.

Our Merino Lite supplier is a Woolmark Licensee both for 100% wool products and wool blend products all products are made in accordance with the stringent Woolmark standards in terms of the sourcing of the wool from ethical farmers who supply non mulesed Australian Merino wool fibres.