Rich & Tom Seipp

Rich & Tom Seipp Friends of FINDRA

Father and son endurance cyclists

Rich and Tom Seipp are a Father and Son who live in the Peak District and love riding their bikes.
Their first big ride was when Tom was 7 years old. They followed Hadrian’s Cycleway 100 miles from West to East, then rode back again, a total of 200 miles in under 4 days.
Since then they have ridden longer and longer distances. By the age of 10, Tom had ridden 100 miles in a day, and aged 11 he rode 200 miles.
It’s not really about the miles though it’s about the experience of getting out there and visiting new places and meeting people.
They’ve cycled the route of the 1955 Tour de France, and closer to home they’ve completed the Highland Trail 550 twice together.
A long term goal of theirs has been to ride the 2,750 mile Tour Divide which starts in Banff Canada, finishing on the US/Mexican border, and they are planning to do that in 2019.