How we make FINDRA clothing

How we make FINDRA clothing

Our commitment to sustainability includes our materials, their delivery and every part of the manufacturing process. We work closely with our partners and suppliers and require documentation and certification of their ethical practices.

We track and trace the journey of our merino wool every step of the way, from farm to fashion, so we are confident all our environmental goals are being met.

FINDRA’s responsible materials.

All of our raw materials have been chosen and sourced for their sustainability as well as their comfort.

  • Seamless Performance™ Range: 100% non-mulesed Australian Merino wool
  • Merino-Lite Range 87%: non-mulesed Australian Merino Wool and 13% Nylon
  • Stroma Technical Jacket: P4Dry, a technical performance fabric which utilises advanced eco-friendly S.Café® print yarn
  • Accessories: 100% British Lambswool 100% Merino and Wool blends. Bred and reared in the UK, Hinchcliffe Lambswool is then spun and processed by Hinchcliffe in the UK

FINDRA's manufacturing innovations.

Our Seamless Performance™ Range

Sustainable Innovation
SEAMLESS PERFORMANCE™ is a trademark of FINDRA and recognises our pioneering approach to design and manufacturing to get the very best out of natural materials. We’ve created 3D seamless knitting process to make clothes with no seams at all and produce high-quality garments knitted entirely without seams, resulting in a one-piece garment. This means seam rub is eliminated, providing additional comfort during outdoors activity.

One Piece, Less Waste, Eco-Friendly
Traditional knitted garments instead require each part to be knitted separately, then cut and sewn together, a process in which around 30% of materials are lost and become waste. By contrast, seamless (or whole garment) knitwear is produced in one entire piece in an extremely efficient manufacturing process with no ‘cut-loss’ and zero waste. Making this an efficient and highly sustainable method of garment construction. Explore our men's and women's Seamless Performance™ ranges.

Merino Lite

Our Merino Lite Collection is made using a traditional approach to garment manufacture, which is called CMT, this means cut make, and trim. We have worked with our Chinese supplier since 2017 to ensure we make the best high quality ethically sourced Merino wool and Merino wool blend garments for our Merino Lite Collections. Our CMT suppliers are specialists in the production of circular knitted fabrics and garments made from 100% and blended Non Mulesed Australian Merino wool. Our supplier is a Woolmark Licensee both for 100% wool products and wool blends, meaning the garments are made for wear and performance. Our supplier is also accredited for WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) and ISO 9001 and recently became an accredited manufacturer by the Textile Exchange in relations to RWS (Responsible Wool Standard)


S.Café is created through the use of innovative technology which dries and mixes re-purposed coffee grounds with recycled plastic bottles to create pellets, which are then melted down to create the yarn. S. Café makes up the next-to-skin membrane backing of our jackets, improving functionality and performance. The S.Café backing of the jacket allows the garment to wick away sweat and moisture whilst keeping the warm air trapped to ensure the core temperature remains at the optimum level. The innovative use of the recycled coffee grounds ensures the garment is odour resistant. This innovative fabric is used in our Unisex Stroma Jackets and Gilets, which are designed to work as part of a layering system with our 100% Merino and Merino Blend garments. Explore our outdoor jackets for women and men.

Woman wearing FINDRA Seamless Merino Clothing

Our raw materials have been chosen and sourced for their sustainability as well as their comfort.