What Is Merino wool and where does it come from?

What Is Merino wool and where does it come from?

Merino wool is wool spun from the fleece of Merino sheep. In the same way that Champagne is only Champagne when it’s from a particular region in France, Merino is only Merino when it is spun using the fleece of Merino sheep.

First native to Spain, Merino sheep can now be found in New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and South Africa. Our Merino is ethically sourced in Australia, where we have the pick of the country’s farmers and access to a sustainable supply chain.

What’s special about Merino wool sheep?

These hardy sheep are reared in environments with extreme weather conditions, and their wool has adapted to meet those extremities – giving it a whole range of wonderful properties.

What makes Merino wool unique?

Every miniscule fibre of Merino wool is tightly wound like a little spring, giving it great resilience. Unlike its synthetic counterparts, Merino is also an active fibre. This means it reacts to changes in temperature and can absorb moisture vapour. The fibres even have naturally occurring protective layers helping them resist dirt.

Merino wools crimped fibres trap pockets of air to keep you insulated from the cold outside.

How Merino wool is made.

As with other types of wool, Merino is made through the careful treatment and processing of sheep wool. First, the sheep are sheared, and the resulting fibre is cleaned, sorted, graded and carded. The wool is then spun and loaded onto reels ready for dying. Once dyed, the fibre is ready to be used to develop into woven or knitted textiles.

The history of Merino wool.

While the exact provenance of Merino sheep isn’t entirely clear, we do know that they were first recorded in Spain in the 12th century. These sheep share the characteristics of both European and Arabian breeds, which suggests that they were specially bred for the fine fibres of their wool.

Why is Merino so popular?

The natural characteristics of Merino wool, from its superfine texture to its odour-resistance, make it stand out from the crowd. Find out more about the benefits of Merino wool and why team FINDRA are such big fans. Our range of Merino wool clothing for women and men means you can enjoy this wonder fabric as you set out on adventure after adventure.