Fiona Outdoors Reviewed: Iona Merino-Lite Top

Fiona Outdoors Reviewed: Iona Merino-Lite Top

Reviewed by:  Fiona Outdoors, 5 March 2019.

Products reviewed:

FINDRA Iona Merino-Lite Zip Neck Top

The Iona Merino-Lite top is made from an Australian Merino blend, “created to offer the best in lightweight fabric, temperature regulation and comfort”.

The top can be worn as a baselayer against the skin or as a layering item under or over other layers.

Features include:

  • 150g lightweight technical merino blend fabric
  • 87% merino, 13% nylon
  • Warmth and breathability
  • Fine mesh inserts to further aid ventilation and breathability
  • High zip neck collar with zip guard
  • Long sleeves with thumbholes
  • Dropped back hemline
  • Flat lock seams
  • Zipped back pocket
  • Durability thanks to double layer cuffs
  • Reflective circle logo on the back and branded FINDRA tape
  • Machine Washable.

On test: FINDRA Iona Merino-Lite Zip Neck Top

I have never been able to wear merino wool products against my skin. Even the products with less than 50% Merino content make me feel itchy. That said, I simply wore the FINDRA baselayer over another baselayer made of polyester products and it worked very well.

In fact, I love this Merino baselayer. The colour, eggplant, is beautiful. The fit is superb; it’s not too tight not too loose. It is a flattering shape and fit.

The attention to detail is great. The longer back hem means that you can tuck the top into tights or shorts to prevent the lower part of your back becoming too cold. The arms have handy thumb loops to keep them in place so you have warmer wrists (rather than a chilly gap between sleeve and glover).

The zipped back pocket is useful if you want to carry a few smaller items rather than a rucksack.

The baselayer is perfectly warming. It’s not too hot and it offers great breathability. Because it is made of Merino wool it doesn’t end up too smelly with sweat and this means it can be worn several times without washing.

The price is similar to other merino wool baselayers and because the wool is long-lasting I am not wincing at the cost.

I would buy another one or two of these zipped baselayers. Perhaps the Loch blue and eggplant colour next time.

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