Get happy feet with chunky Nordic Socks

Get happy feet with chunky Nordic Socks

Did you know toes, fingers, ears, and nose are the parts of the body at greatest risk from the cold? And if so, do you know why? The simple explanation is that these areas do not have major muscles to produce heat - so, you need to look after them in the months ahead.

Our amazing bodies also focus on keeping vital internal organs warm and will reduce the flow of blood to the extremities – back to those toes – in cold conditions. Even if your body is warm, feet and toes still become cold because they are furthest away from your blood-pumping heart and it can take longer for blood to circulate to them.

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Luckily, we have every extremity covered with our merino wool accessories. Starting with feet, we’ll ‘walk’ you through why we think our Chunky Knit Nordic Socks are the perfect partner for cold feet.

For a start, we reckon our Nordic Socks wouldn’t seem out of place in a moody, stylish, Scandi noir drama, but, aside from how good they look, they also rise to the chilly feet challenge. Nordic socks, sometimes referred to as Scandinavian socks, are designed to cope with winter bike rides, hikes, dog walks, Sunday strolls and café stops, but they also enjoy a relaxed toasting by the fireside. We’ve put together a quick guide from some of our most frequently overheard questions about our chunky favourite, the Nordic Sock.


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What are Nordic Socks?

Essentially, Nordic Wool Socks are comfort and warmth for your feet. Add in colour, pattern, and great fit, and you’re well on your way to happy feet. Our design features a loop back stitch structure on the inside of the foot, which makes the socks more durable and even more comfortable

Person wearing FINDRA Nordic Socks

What are FINDRA Nordic Socks made of?

Our Nordic Socks combine soft, ethically sourced, cruelty-free Australian merino wool with hard-wearing acrylic wool to add to the durability; 50% sustainably sourced, non-mulesed (cruelty free) Australian merino wool and 50% non-pilling acrylic wool. The finely spun merino wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping feet fresh, dry, and comfortable.

Where are FINDRA Nordic Socks made?

They are made in the UK using our seamless knitting technology for chafe-free comfort – knitted in one piece = no seams = no chafing. Ever.

Do you have men’s Nordic Socks?

Our socks are happily a unisex fit, which may pose a problem if you have a partner with the same shoe size, but other than that, they are designed for men and women. Mid-calf length with a traditional Nordic Fair Isle-style design, which incorporates the FINDRA logo, there are a range of fantastic colours to choose from.

How to wash Nordic socks

Our Nordic Socks are machine washable, but as merino wool is odour-resistant, you won’t need to wash them as often as socks made from manmade fibres; they don’t smell. And, yes, we have tested this. More than once.
You can wash them with other woollen garments – no softener, conditioner, or bleaching agents please – and avoid washing with anything that has hooks or Velcro, simply to keep your socks in as good a shape as possible and avoid accidental snags. 

Are Nordic Socks any good?

We think so, but then again, we’ve been testing them out for a long time now and admittedly we’re pretty biased. The thing is, they look great, are extra thick to keep feet cosy, are comfortable, chafe-free, machine washable and easy to care for. And they come in lots of lovely colours - what’s not to love?
Find your favourite colour combo and remember to pop them on your Christmas wish list. Your feet will thank you!

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