Why FINDRA doesn’t do Black Friday sales

Why FINDRA doesn’t do Black Friday sales

Every year the Black Friday emails start earlier and earlier, each promising bigger and better discounts than ever before. Inboxes drown in money-off messages, deluged with offers of slashed prices and mega sales.

The language is emotive, persuasive, the message clear – ‘don’t miss out’ to consumers and ‘be part of this’ to retailers.

But that is exactly what we at FINDRA don’t want. We took the decision several years ago not to be part of the Black Friday sales hype and we feel it is important to let our customers know why.

FINDA founder Alex designing garments

Our Slow fashion approach

Our ethos at FINDRA has always been to encourage customers to buy less and to buy better; invest in items that won’t end up in landfill after a few wears; that will last; that offer great value for money; garments that are stylish, but not trend-led; that are made using high-quality materials, which have a minimum impact on our planet.

Our goal is to design and create high-quality clothing that is worth buying at full price, any time. We are not a seasonal business, our core collection is designed to be worn year-round – one of the many benefits of natural, breathable, temperature-regulating merino wool, it is suitable for summer and winter wear – and our merino clothing is designed to last.

FINDRA pieces are versatile and designed to work together, to layer up on colder days, in a range of complementary colours – literally anything and everything goes. You can read all about our approach to slow fashion.

Discounting - the race to the bottom

Discounting contradicts our values. Discounting – particularly at Black Friday levels – encourages over-consumption, shopping for the sake of it because there is 20%, 50% or even 70% off. It is a powerful lure to grab attention – the idea being that if a customer buys one reduced item, they are also likely to spend on other things too, regardless of whether the items are needed.

Discounting has become a way of life – it’s an expectation, a habit. And if prices are set at an artificially higher price point, before quickly dropping to their ‘discounted’ price, there is an assumption that this is how everything should work.

Independent businesses, makers and crafters, those dedicated to using the best, natural, sustainable materials, and working in a considerate and caring manner, cannot operate in that way. We prefer to have an honest conversation about what things cost and why they are worth buying at full price. You can read about why we believe a sustainable approach is the right one.

Driving greater global consumption means more products manufactured and shipped, so it is little surprise when Black Friday’s carbon footprint grows too. We want to offer customers the opportunity to buy more consciously, to tread a little more lightly.

Findra merino wool beanie being pinned

Building a small, independent business

If you choose to run a business in as ethical and sustainable manner as possible, you make key decisions from the start. You decide how you want to work; what materials you use; how you treat staff, suppliers and customers; what businesses you build relationships with; you make choices about fair and decent working conditions; and put a realistic value on goods or services – there is no margin for discounting.

Achieving a margin within business is the key to stability and future growth; any margin must cover all overheads and provide enough of a profit to be able to grow the company. Discounting may be tempting – a guaranteed quick sales boost – but discounted sales are short term, they damage brand, business and reputation, and boost the idea of buying for the sake of it.

Building a brand and business takes time, patience and persistence. We believe that if we work fairly and transparently, our customers will recognise that and choose to shop with us. And choose to return and shop again, or buy a gift, or introduce a friend to our collections. Almost 80% of FINDRA clothing is made in the UK. We design, source, and sell a high-quality product that is excellent value for money. We also invest in our team, pay decent wages, aim to build a positive culture and provide a pleasant environment to work in. Our team is part of our story and our future. We can only do this if we work hard on our business, value it, be honest with our customers and build for the future.

FINDRA customers

We value what we design and make, and we value our customers.

We will continue to listen to what our customers need and want, and continue to bring the best-quality, stylish, sustainable merino wool clothing to as wide an audience as possible. We want you to keep shopping with us. Not because it’s a certain day of the year, or the latest trend, or has 25% off, but because you love and value what we do as much as we do.

Explore our merino clothing offers

Not following the discounting route does not mean there are never opportunities to pick up a FINDRA garment at a reduced price. We offer discounts on a limited selection of products that are being discontinued, which can be shopped at any time, and not just on a certain Friday in the year.

The future’s bright, not black.

Birthday Celebrations and Colour Friday

We don't do black Friday at FINDRA but we do celebrate our birthday, and this year we are 8! We couldn't have have done it without our loyal customers so keep an eye our for a special birthday offer. 

This year we will be also taking part in the Holly and Co ‘Colour Friday’ campaign. Encouraging the nation to celebrate the colour and creativity that small businesses bring, highlighting the wonderful products available from independent brands and businesses. Happy Friday - the future is looking bright!

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