Our Artistic Community – Innerleithen Open Studios 2023

Our Artistic Community – Innerleithen Open Studios 2023

On Saturday 7th October and Sunday 8th October, studios across Innerleithen will open their doors to the public and put their work on display. The corridors of the Memorial Hall will also be adorned with the work of local artists, including a group from Peebles High School.

A collection of the town’s artwork will be brightening up the High Street as we have partnered with local businesses to display work in their windows. Shops and cafes such as Loulabelles, the Hub, the Flower Bee and many more will become displays of artwork for the weekend to share what our community has to offer. Tweeddale Youth Action will also be exhibiting the artwork of some of their young people in their windows on Chapel Street. In addition, the new studio space at the back of FINDRA should not be missed! On display will be one piece from each of the 30 participating artists, giving a taste of the creativity that will be visible around the town.

A sense of community is something so many of us hold close to our hearts. The ability to connect with others from diverse backgrounds over a shared love of something – a hobby, a place, an experience. A shared love can unite people, and even helps to celebrate their differences. Art is one of these things, these passions, that brings people together from all walks of life. You enter a studio, a gallery, an art classroom and you can feel the care that has been put into the work that surrounds you. It’s personal and enables us to connect in ways that aren’t possible through any other means. And the coming together of these works creates an amazing sense of community and belonging that has been so lacking in the last few years following the pandemic.

Innerleithen Open Studios is a culmination of the work of so many unseen and incredible local artists, celebrating that love of creating that ties us all together. This year we will paint a picture of the brilliance to be found in our beautiful town and share it with the whole community. The opportunity to inspire others in the area and grow our network of local creators is so valuable and exciting. Whether you are a full-time artist or just a small ‘hobbiest’, there are so many of us with this shared passion, all so close together.

So pop along, bring your friends and your family, and walk through the streets of Innerleithen, immersing yourself in the creativity of our town. Enjoy the work exhibited, and maybe you will even discover new parts of the community, purchase a piece to decorate your home or be inspired to go in a new direction with your own work. Maybe next year you will be looking at your own work decorating our high street, being admired by those neighbours you’ve somehow never spoken to, or amazing those old friends who never knew you how creative you really are.

Written by Sasha Lamb

For a glimpse into the artwork that will be displayed, check out the Innerleithen Open Studios Instagram @openstudiosinnerleithen

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