Polly Clark: Tiree Leggings & Oronsay Merino-Lite Review

Polly Clark: Tiree Leggings & Oronsay Merino-Lite Review

By Polly Clark.

The FINDRA Tiree Printed Leggings high waisted, good looking technical leggings perfect for yoga, trail running and mountain walking and guess what – they’ve got pockets.


Being a yoga teacher who has a long body and doesn’t have a washboard stomach I’m always on the lookout for leggings that I don’t have to keep pulling up over my tummy.  The high waisted design works really well, sitting about an inch above the navel and not budging in sun salutes or downward facing dog.

As I have come to expect from FINDRA the design of these leggings is understated cool. The subtle geometric design and the seam construction make them a good looking pair of leggings with comfort to match. The 4-way stretch properties make these a comfortable wear for all active movers.  I’m a big fan of  leggings with a gusset which make for ease of movement and stretch for the hips and legs. 

Now let’s talk pockets. A number of people have complimented me on these leggings. My first response is always with a smug smile “They’ve got pockets”.

I totally love these pockets as they are integrated subtly into the design. They securely carry a phone or a set of car keys during a trail run or a hike.  No more trying to tuck your car keys into your underwear or having to fumble around with a pocket that’s on your lower back,  the pockets on these guys are a total game changer.

These leggings are pretty warm so I probably wouldn’t choose to wear them for summer runs or yoga in the heat. However for British weather these are ideal for most seasons. I’ve had some cold wet sleety trail runs in them recently and the fabric doesn’t tend to feel cold and wet even when it most definitely is.

The Tiree leggings have joined my staple running and yoga wardrobe and they feel like they are built to last. I’ve worn them a lot over the last few months and they still look brand new. So here’s to the next few years of fun together!

The Oronsay Top

A lightweight merino top that will soon become your favourite go to base layer.

I simply love the colour combination options of the Oronsay merino top. I chose the Loch Blue/Eggplant combo to go with the Grape Wine leggings and they look great together.

I found this to be a perfect running top. It feels warm enough on colder days to wear alone but once out running it regulates temperature extremely well. The merino part of the top does feel lightweight but is surprisingly warm when you need it to be.

I haven’t tried this out on the bike yet as I’m keeping it for yoga and running but the longer back would be ideal for cycling.

I find that most FINDRA tops are the type of top that you can also wear with jeans to the pub and this one is no different. Even though it is a technical top, the colours, shaped seams and round neckline make it look good too.
The other great thing about this top is that you can put it in the washing machine with your other technical type clothing and it washes well.

Now I just need to collect a few more colour combinations and my outdoor wardrobe will be complete!

Polly wore the Tiree Leggings in Grape Wine and the Oronsay Top in Loch Blue.

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