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Mindfulness in Wild Swimming by Tessa Wardley

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Mindfulness in Wild Swimming

Mindfulness in Wild Swimming

Mindfulness in Wild Swimming explores how swimming in rivers, lakes and seas is the epitome of conscious living. Environmental professional and zen-seeker Tessa Wardley reconnects the physical and spiritual cycles of life to the changing seasons and flow of wild waters worldwide, and leads the reader on a mindful journey through the natural world, guiding them through practical mindful exercises and technique tips. With expert insight and personal anecdotes, she shares a sparkling clarity on why our relationship with open water is so fundamental to pure wellbeing, and reveals how wild swimming can be the ultimate physical meditation.

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Getting into the outdoors to feed the soul has always been a major driver in Tessa’s life. Tessa lives in the belief that every new day and every new place is an opportunity to lace up and run or jump in and swim; to explore places through new paths and trails - she would never consider packing a bag without including running shoes and swimming costume. Tessa gets into the outdoors whenever and wherever she can and regularly competes in adventure races and open water swimming events reaching deep into the wilderness areas of the UK.

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