How to Layer Clothing for the Outdoors

How to Layer Clothing for the Outdoors

When you’re planning an outdoor trip or adventure, layering your clothing is an excellent way to be prepared for all sorts of weather.

By trapping air, wicking moisture and creating plenty of barriers to the elements, layers help you stay warm, dry and comfortable. There are no hard and fast rules to layering outdoor clothing, but there are some key elements to get the hang of.

What is a Merino base layer?

To layer effectively, you need to start with a good base. A base layer is the clothing that you wear next to your skin. It is the first step in creating a layering system to keep you comfortable during all sorts of outdoor activities. Our Merino base layers have been designed to be super-soft and gentle.

How to choose a Merino base layer.

A good Merino base layer will be: Breathable/Lightweight/Very soft These factors ensure comfort and make a good starting point for further layers. As a general rule, the higher the micron count, the softer the Merino will be – and the better it will feel against your skin. Our 100% Seamless Merino base layers use a 3D seamless knitting process to create clothes with no seams at all, for an extra level of comfort.

FINDRA base layers.

Our 100% Seamless Merino and Merino-Lite tops come in three different weights (Ultralight, Lightweight and Midweight) to help you find the right one for your layers and activities. Ultralight and Lightweight are great choices for base layers, check our Merino weight guide for an easy way to see the weight of our popular tops.

Flexible mid-layers.

When you’re layering up for outdoor adventures or indoor activities, you want your mid-layers to be nice and versatile. They might include t-shirts, long-sleeved tops, cowl neck tops and gilets. Our Merino mid-layers are great for mixing and matching and work brilliantly with our base and outer layers too.

How to choose a Merino mid-layer.

A good Merino mid-layer will be:

  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable

You want to buy mid-layers that will easily fit over your base layer. It’s worth thinking about how you plan to layer, too. For example, you might want to pair a tighter t-shirt with a looser zip-necked top. Or you may prefer a tight long sleeved top with a bigger short-sleeve on top.

FINDRA mid-layers.

We have three different weights for our 100% Seamless Merino and Merino-Lite tops (Ultralight, Lightweight and Midweight) to help you find the right one for your adventures. For your mid-layers, you’re probably going to want Lightweight or Midweight options. You’ll find some suggestions in our Merino weight guide.

Protective Outer Layers.

The top layer of any layering system should be both lightweight and waterproof. You want it to be ready to withstand all kinds of weather, so it can accompany you on any adventure. A lightweight design and fabric will help you stay agile and make it easier for you to transport between uses.

How to choose a good outer layer.

A good outer layer will be:

  • Waterproof
  • Cosy
  • Lightweight
Your outer layer is your protection against the elements, so you want to make sure it is designed to withstand wind and water. Choose a lightweight fabric that’s crease resistant, so you can pack it away in your bag, ready for when it’s needed. You also want an outer layer that will comfortably allow you to wear a base and at least one mid-layer underneath it.

FINDRA outer layers.

Our outer layers and environmentally-friendly technical outdoor jackets are made using S.Cafe® fabric. This eco-friendly yarn uses reusable coffee grounds and plastic bottles lets us make a 10,000mm waterproof, breathable jacket suited to all sorts of weather conditions. FINDRA jackets are also designed to mix and match perfectly with our base and mid-layers and you can take outdoor protection even further with our Merino wool accessories. Discover our jackets for women and men.

Using accessories with layers.

Accessories help complete a good layering system. They make it easy for you to add a little extra protection or warmth while on the go. Hats, neck and arm warmers are a few classic add-ons ideal for giving your comfort levels a boost while you’re out adventuring. Best of all, they can easily fit into a pocket or bag, to be pulled out if and when you need them.

How to choose good accessories for layering.

Good Merino wool accessories are:

  • Cosy
  • Durable
  • Breathable

Easy to put on and take off again, accessories are an important component of any outdoor kit. Arm warmers and hats add warmth without bulk, while a good neck warmer can help seal in body heat and make the most of your layering system.

FINDRA accessories.

Our Merino wool accessories have been designed, so you can mix and match them easily with your mid and outer layers. We always use environmentally friendly and ethically sourced fibres and fabrics for our accessories. FINDRA accessories look as good as they feel, with complementary colours and stylish designs. Explore outdoor accessories for men and for women.