Layering Merino for commuting and work

Layering Merino for commuting and work

Suitable for wearing all year round, Merino wool clothing makes a great wardrobe staple. Create your own, everyday layering system to stay comfortable whatever your working day throws at you.

How to layer for a working day.

Be prepared for weather changes, stuffy offices or chilly shopfronts with a flexible layering system.

A comfortable base layer.

This is the layer that sits next to your skin, so softness is essential, look for fabrics like merino wool. It’s also a good idea to choose a thin, lightweight garment as your base as you will be pairing it with mid and outer layers to trap warm air near your skin.

A versatile mid-layer.

Whether you’re cycling to work or planning a yoga class at lunchtime, stylish and wickable mid-layers are ideal. These flexible garments are designed to help sweat evaporate and if you choose natural merino wool, they’re even naturally odour resistant.

Stylish and comfortable leggings.

If you jog, cycle or walk to work, leggings and shorts are ideal for protecting you from the elements. If you need to change into office wear when you arrive, choose fabrics that can be packed down small to avoid taking up valuable bag space.

Clever accessories.

The right accessories can complete your layered outfit perfectly. Hats and headbands are ideal for chilly days while light arm warmers leave your hands free to get on with the job. Neck warmers are also a great addition to layers, as they can help trap insulating heat between your mid and base layer.

FINDRA Merino clothing for work.

Our collections are designed to work in harmony, so you can mix and match your favourite pieces. Our soft and breathable merino dresses are ideal for the office, as are our stylish tops and t-shirts. Don’t forget a lightweight jacket that’s easy to pack alongside your work essentials, perfect for unexpected showers.
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