Wearing Merino at home and in the garden

Wearing Merino at home and in the garden

Soft, breathable and incredibly comfortable, Merino clothing is perfect for wearing at home as well as when you’re out adventuring. Walking the dog in the park, breezy strolls along the beach, tending the garden or weekend breaks away with the family – choose the low impact layers that contribute to your leisure time.

Layers for everyday activities.

Outdoor activity isn’t always about adrenalin. The warmth and comfort of well-designed and well-layer clothing enhances a family barbeque with friends or a wander by the sea just as much.

A kind and gentle base layer.

The layer that’s next to your skin should always be the softest one. We love vests and t-shirts in super soft Merino, an ultra-fine fibre that’s also naturally odour resistant.

Mid-layers to mix and match.

Mid-layers are a great way to stay warm when it’s cool outside. Adding even a thin layer will help insulate you from the weather, as it traps air inside. Breathable fabrics like merino are also great on warm days, thanks to their ability to draw moisture away from the skin. Long-sleeved tops, gilets, shorts and leggings are perfect for layering.

Protective outer layers.

A weather resistant jacket or outer layer is a must have, even on the brightest of days. You never know when a spot of rain may try and spoil the fun. Choose a thin, protective jacket you can pack up small.

Everyday accessories.

A few, well-chosen accessories can take your casual layering to the next level. Light arm warmers are good for chasing away a chill, woolly hats are ideal for colder days and our neck warmers are designed to work perfectly with the rest of our clothing, helping you seal in warm air and make the most of your layers.

FINDRA Merino clothing for relaxing at home.

In Scotland the word ‘coorie’ means a sense of home comfort and wellbeing (similar to the Scandinavian word ‘hygge’) and at FINDRA we embrace both these words in life and in our clothing. From comfortable dresses to zip up tops, we’ve got everything you need to strike the perfect balance at home and on the go.